The Socio-Political Influence on Art — About Chinese Contemporary Artist and Sixties

The Sixties was a new wave era. in China, Chairman Mao launched the “cultural revolution”.There was a lot of political posters in the period of Cultural Revolution.

Wang Guangyi is one of the earliest experimenters of the “Political Pop” in China. The“Great Criticism” series is  one of his most famous work.In the “Great Criticism”, the artist directly sets the two completely different essential images in one screen. The two different symbols within are The political posters of Cultural Revolution, and the other being  the Western consumer advertising.

Wang Guangyi creation of “Great Criticism” series has become a symbol that embodies the spirit of the Chinese avant-garde image. With this series of works by the artist issued on behalf of the Chinese contemporary spiritual voice.

The context of Wang Guangyi’s work is always within the Chinese political and historical, business, and within  visual images culture.

He applied  a series of symbols and images  that Juxtaposed different cultural backgrounds of political, social, historical and commercial icons within the “Great Criticism” series.  A large number of product names have appeared in “GreatCriticism”, but the most famous is the Coca-Cola series.

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